José Bifano

Jose Bifano’s  art transcends conventional boundaries, masterfully capturing the vibrant and dynamic spirit of our  world. Through his work, he celebrates the exquisite interplay of color, shape, and texture that surrounds us, breathing life and meaning into these elements.

Over a period spanning more than three years, Bifano has devoted his talent to perfecting a unique and innovative technique that stands as a testament to his audacity. His unconventional choice of using toilet paper as a canvas speaks volumes of his creativity and unwavering vision. With skill, he transforms the mundane into something enduring and astonishing.

The result is an art that not only endures over time but also possesses a surprising visual quality that evokes the clarity of a photograph.

In each of his creations, Bifano undertakes a meticulous journey of deconstruction and reconstruction that allows him to explore the intricate relationships between artistic elements.

Through this exploration, his art constantly invites us to observe and discover new connections between the elements, highlighting the innate beauty found deep within his creation.

Bifano, born in 1968 in Caracas, Venezuela, and currently residing in Barcelona, Spain, embodies an exceptional educational and artistic journey, combining unique cultural diversity with an unwavering passion for exploration.

From an early age he studied drawing and painting at the School of Fine Arts of Caracas, followed by Graphic Design, where he specialized in illustration and mixed techniques, culminating his artistic training at the League of Arts in New York.

At the same time, he completed a Bachelor’s degree in History at the Central University of Venezuela, where he had an outstanding career as a professor-researcher. During his time at the academy he shared his knowledge through courses on the History of Science, History of Venezuela, and Theory and Philosophy of History.

Bifano’s artistic work reflects a mix of interdisciplinary influences deeply rooted in the foundations of kinetic art, op art, pop art, and the Bauhaus movement.

With meticulous precision, Bifano explores the interplay of color, form, movement, light and texture, deftly pushing the boundaries of conventional artistic expression.



At the heart of my creative practice is the power of art to transform our perception of the world.

I passionately believe that every object and material has the potential to be reused and reinvented in unexpected ways.

Through my work I want to show that the most everyday objects can have a new meaning and purpose, it all depends on the value and use that we give them. That is why I use toilet paper, a commonly disposable material, as a support for my works.

My creative process is meticulous and focuses on finding harmony between order and chaos, connecting movement with precision, color with form, and balance with unpredictability.

As an artist, my goal is to capture the transience of existence and provide a space for introspection and self-discovery.

With this approach I seek to capture the essence of the world that surrounds us immersed in the historical paradox of change in continuity.

Curriculum Vitae


-Cristóbal Rojas School of Arts. Caracas, Venezuela. (1986-1988)

-Academy of Graphic Design Villasmil de León. Caracas, Venezuela. (1988-1991)

-Drawing and illustration techniques. Caracas Athenaeum. (1991-1993)

-History. Central University of Venezuela (1994-2000)

–Master in History of the Hispanic World. Madrid Spain. (2002-2004)

–Master in History of Venezuela. Caracas, Venezuela. (2004-2005)

–Doctoral Candidate in History. Central University of Venezuela. (2006-2010)

-College professor. Central University of Venezuela. (2000-2015)

-Free drawing. The Arts Students League of New York. New York, USA (2015-2016)



-Arturo Michelena Salon Biennial. Valencia Athenaeum. Valencia, Venezuela. (1989)

-Alejandro Otero Biennial. Alejandro Otero Museum. Caracas, Venezuela. (1990)

-National Hall of Art of Aragua. Museum of Contemporary Art of Maracay. Maracay, Venezuela. (1991)

-Collective. City Lights. Black Point Gallery. Caracas Venezuela. (1992)

-Catatumbo Art Gallery. Caracas, Venezuela. (1992)

-Collective. Our way. Catatumbo Art Gallery. Caracas, Venezuela. (1993)

-Collective. University Collection (UCV) (2010)

-Artists Fair. Madrid, Spain (2020)

-Artist 360. Madrid, Spain (2020)

-Santana Art Gallery. Madrid, Spain (2020)

-Abartium Gallery. Barcelona, ​​Spain. (2021)

-Workshop. Studio Open day. Hospitalet del Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain (2022)

-Lukas art Studio. “Duality” Sitges, Barcelona (2023)

-Concurso de pintura Sanvisens y escultura Pere Jou (2023)

Exposición Individual. «De lo Efímero a lo permanente». Centro Cívico Tomasa Cuevas, Barcelona. (2024)


+34 666996704

Carrer Juan Ramón Jiménez, 22. Hospitaler del Llobregat, Barcelona. 08902