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José Bifano is a Venezuelan artist based in Barcelona, ​​Spain. In his oeuvre, color, shape and texture are found in geometric and abstract patterns systematically and precisely articulated. For Bifano «life takes place in the change produced in the continuity of things… Change transforms us and continuity makes us permanent».
During the creative process performs radical transformations in his works, making them change several times in an orderly and continuous dynamic of deconstruction and reconstruction that creates unity. He carefully works out every detail in an attempt to reconcile the order and chaos present in the transformation process. “My method seeks to connect movement with precision, painting with form, balance with chaos; searching for the illusion of existence».

Bifano uses disposable paper as a support for his works, showing the possibility of transforming an ephemeral material into a permanent work of art.

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Born in Caracas, Venezuela, in 1968. Studied drawing and painting at the Cristóbal Rojas School of Arts; Graphic Design at the Academy of Advanced Arts, painting at the Art Students League of New York and History at the Central University of Venezuela, where he began a brilliant professional career as a professor-researcher in the area of History of Science and Philosophy of the history.
Bifano’s artistic work is the product of a wide range of interdisciplinary inspirations. His works are immersed in kinetic art, op art, pop art and the Bauhause movement. Inspired by artists such as Adolf Fleischmann, Víctor Vasarely, Gego, and Carlos Cruz Diez, explores the relationships between color, changing forms, movement, light, texture, and human perception.
His artistic projects show a dynamic that allows him to find his own world. His works reflect his interest in constant change, movement, light, textures and color.

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