Acceleration and change
Paper collage created with own design paper, dyed with inks, anilines, acrylics and watercolors. It is inspired by the technique known as Trancadiz, frequently used by Gaudí in his sculptures and architectural works. In a second intervention, the initial geometric arrangement was altered, applying longitudinal and transverse cuts that gave rise to a pattern of changes. In the collage figures such as truncated triangles, rhombuses and squares form virtual circles of light and movement. The effect I seek to show is linked to vibration, rupture and movement. The idea is create doubts in the viewer’s perception and invite him to see beyond the first impression.


Product Description

Acceleration and change

-Collage on paper
-Original unique work
-Measures: 50 X 38 cm
-Not framed
-CA signed on the back
-Style: Abstract
-Theme: Geometric abstraction

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